Helping Your Child Get STEM-Ready

Keep Ahead of the Curve by Starting Early

Are you a middle  school student (6th to 8th grade) and want to explore  participating in many science competitions?

Here is a list of some super fun events.

National Science Bowl (6th to 12th grade, teams of 4 students)

NSF Science Bee (1st to 8th grade, Individual)

Science Olympiad (6th to 12th grade, teams of 2-3 students)

You Be The Chemist (5th to 8th grade, individual)

And many more competitions with varying themes during the entire school year

I can help you master all branches of science so that you are prepared to your full potential.

You can get introduced to the following  subjects in a fun and relaxed way before the pressure from high school starts

​   **  Physics                         ** Chemistry

​   **  Life Sciences                ** Earth Science

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