​​​​Very proud of the many talented students that  I have the privilege to coach for various competitions and events or just for the sake of learning. They bring  a lot of fun and enthusiasm to my sessions which make my job the best.

Thank you to all these kids and their supporting parents.

Some of the many achievements of my students ........

Another year of achievements start with Science Olympiad regionals and as usual, too many medals to count, which is a wonderful thing :-)


February 2017

Regional Science Olympiad 

Too many medals to count :-)

​​Thiruvasagam & Swetha   Anatomy & Physiology  2nd place

Sahana                               Food Science                   2nd Place

                                           Write It Do It                  4th Place

Ashley & Tanushree           Microbe Mission            1st Place

January 2017

National Science Bowl -High School

-  Freshmen at high school Sathvik, Mukil and team won the regional competition, defeating teams that have seniors and juniors.

- Freshmen Maneesh, Suraj, Neha and Ritesh came in at 4th place 

May 2016

National Science Bowl

Extremely proud of the Evergreen Team of 5 students consisting of Sathvik and Maneesh for coming in 5th place at the National Science Bowl in Washington DC All of them did a fabulous job, they are the inspiration for many of the younger kids. Hearty congratulations to the team, hope to see more such achievements in high school too.

Congratulations to the winners of NorthSouth Foundation's Science Bee:

6th Grade:

Saket D  1st

Anish P  2nd

Ronak J  3rd

8th Grade:

Sathvik K     2nd

Abhignya M  3rd

April 2016

At the Science Olympiad State level the competition was extremely tough and events were challenging. Awesome job by the students from both EMS and RMS for winning several medals in their own events. EMS teams came in at 5th and 11th place amd RMS team came in at 10th place. The medal winners were, grade-wise:

6th Graders:

Arjun   (EMS)                     4nd place for Reach for the Stars

Sahith and Saketh (EMS)   5th place for Crime Busters

Suhani (EMS)                     5th place for Dynamic Planet

8th Graders:

Ayan & Sidd C  (EMS)                1st place for Bottle Rockets

Adarsh & Mathias (RMS)            1st place for Picture  This

Ayan  & Sanjai P  (EMS)             2nd place for Elastic Launched Glider

Adarsh & Mathias (RMS)            3rd place for Write it Do It

Adarsh & Mathias (RMS)            3rd place for Scrambler

Tejasree  (EMS)                           3rd place for Picture This

Sai & Chaitnya  (EMS)               4th place for Anatomy & Physiology

Neha & Chaitnya (EMS)             4th place for Disease Detectives

Suraj      (EMS)                           4th place for Dynamic Planet

Atul A & Atul R (RMS)              4th place for Potions and Poisons

Mukil & Shammu (RMS)            4th place for Air Trajectory

March 2016​

An exciting day at You Be The Chemist regionals as well as State event with more than 10 of my students in the advanced rounds.  Sathvik, Maneesh and Mukil fulfilled all the expectations on them, going into the semi-final round by  answering AP Chemistry level questions, taking less than 10 seconds to answer each of them.   Hearty congratulations to Mukil for winning the State Championship. All the best at the Nationals :-)

- An extremely rewarding day at the Science Olympiad with many of my students participating in multiple teams  from Redmond, Evergreen and Inglewood Middle Schools. Two teams from EMS and one form RMS  moves on to the State level.  The medal winners were just too many to count :-)

The top 4 position winners, grade-wise were:


6th grade
Sayan                1st    Green Generation
Ronak & Adit   2nd  Dynamic Planet
Suhani               3rd   Dynamic Planet
Shradha             3rd   Write it Do it
Saketh               4th   Invasive Species

7th Grade
Supriya & Janhavi   2nd  Food Science
Navtej                      3rd  Bottle Rockets

8th Grade
Suraj & Sathvik          1st     Bio Process Lab
Siddharth C                 1st    Crave The Wave
Mukil & Anirudh        1st     Dynamic Planet
Sanjay P                      1st     Write it Do it

Ayan                            1st     Elastic Launched Glider
Riya                             2nd   Anatomy & Physiology
Abhi                             2nd  Experimental Design
Anushka &  Amrutha  2nd  Picture This
Suraj & Maneesh        2nd   Meteorology
Sanjay P                      2nd   Bridge Building
Roshni &  Tarini         3rd  Disease Detectives
Sai & Roshni               3rd  Anatomy & Physiology
Adarsh & Mathias       3rd   Scrambler
Kishan                         3rd  Green Generation
Neha & Sidharth S      3rd  Invasive Species

Suraj & Sidd S            4th  Crime Busters
Sidd C & Sid S           4th   Road Scholar
Adarsh & Mathias      4th  Write it Do it
Anushka & Roshni     4th  Bio Process Lab
Faraz                           4th Elastic Launched Glider

January 2016

  • Sathvik and Maneesh from Evergreen Middle School team have won the BPA Regional Middle School Science Bowl at Portland, OR on Jan 30th, defeating 54 other middle school teams from Oregon and Washington. Their entire team will be heading to Washington DC to  compete at the Nationals. Many congratulations to the team and wishing them all the very best at the Nationals.
  • Suraj, Sai, Anish and Rohan from Evergreen Middle School team came in at 5th place at the BPA Regional Middle School Science Bowl.  Awesome performance by a mixed team of 8th and 6th graders. Here are the next year's champions :-)
  • Abhi, Mukil, Darren, Arnav & Raghav from Redmond Middle School showed an admirable team spirit and did extremely well at  the BPA Regional Middle School Science Bowl. Looking forward to seeing these 8th graders carry on this enthusiasm into high school.
  • Aditi, Meghna and Rohan from Inglewood Middle School successfully cleared two rounds of Round Robins at the BPA Regional Middle School Science Bowl and hearty congratulations to Aditi for winning the All Star Award for answering the highest number of questions. Way to go!!
  • Aadi has contributed significantly to his team from Northstar, another champion in the making for next year.

April 2015

  • Congratulations to Sathvik, Maneesh, Navtej, Amay,  Suraj, Archisha, Aditi, Nitya, Abhinav, Aashna, Ritesh, for making it  to the Regional level at the You Be The Chemist competition.
  • Sathvik and Maneesh did it again by making it to the Nationals for NorthSouth Foundation's Science Bee.

March 2015

  • Many gold, silver and bronze medals to the participants from Redmond Middle School and Evergreen Middle School at the WA State Science Olympiad. Evergreen team made it to the State level in the very first year of participation at this prestigious event.All the students are super excited and looking forward to next year's events.  
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Helping Your Child Get STEM-Ready

Six teams from Evergreen Middle School, 4 teams from Redmond Middle School, 2 from Inglewood Middle School, 1 from International Community School, two from Odle Middle School and 1 from Leota Middle School participated in various levels of Science Olympiad this year and I had the pleasure of coaching many of these students for this exciting competition. 

Two EMS teams, two RMS teams and one ICS team made it to the State level. EMS came in first place and RMS teams made it to 2nd and 3rd places at the State.  Very proud of these awesome students and their dedicated parents.

EMS team made it to the Nationals!!! First team to go there from the East side in 34 years!!

What a wonderful experience to see the National Science Olympiad tournament at the Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO!!

Awesome achievements by the EMS team!! Came in at 20th place out of 60 of Nations best teams. These kids are the role models for other middle school students from the East side.

Medal winners at the Nationals

Natasha and Suhani         Disease Detectives 2nd place

Suhani and Christine       Dynamic Planet   3rd place

Christine and Yu Chen    Meteorology  3rd place

Saketh and Ronak           Thermodynamics  6th place

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